Admission: We welcome players from all different schools. We offer priority places to players who already have a sibling in the club. Players are accepted on a first come first served basis. The club reserves the right to refuse admission. The club’s decision is final.

Group/team selection: The club promotes mixed ability/age teams in our younger age groups. We select teams each season with this in mind and do not take requests for friends to be on the same team. The players mix with the other teams every week during match play. As the standard of hockey increases with age we select groups and teams on merit. We ask the parents to respect the coaches’ decision and not to interfere. These groups/teams are always open to change throughout the season. Players can be invited on to squads if the coaches feel that the particular player has made significant progress since start of the season. We aim to constantly raise the standards of our hockey so that we are in a position to hold our own in competitions as the children progress through the club while still adopting an all-inclusive fun element for all those wishing to play hockey.

Attendance: Parents are asked to notify us about their child’s absence at least 24 hours before a session. It is the family’s responsibility to email the club on mountanvillehc@gmail.com. Failure to do so will result in the student being asked to leave the club without any notification. NOTE: Please ensure you include your child’s full name in the email!

Members Point of Contact: Head Coaches can be easily contacted by phone between 9:00-13:30 each Sunday. In the event you are running late, please call the relevant Head Coach and let them know to keep your child inside the gate until you arrive. Please click here for the contact number of the Head Coach for each age group.

Supervision of Players: We would like to express the importance that players in our younger age groups must be accompanied by an adult to and from the pitch. This is particularly important at the end of the session. We would like to remind parents it is your responsibility to make sure your child is supervised and safe outside of your child’s training time.

Insurance: Our public liability insurance has a limit of indemnity of €6,500,000. This policy covers the club for bodily injury to third parties or property damage following our own negligence and for which we are held legally liable. There is no cover for players being hit by balls, sticks, other players, etc as we are not negligent in these instances. Should players require cover for normal hockey injuries, then we would recommend taking out a personal accident policy.

Injuries: Any serious injuries will be reported to the player’s parent/guardian/emergency contact person by phone or at pick up time. Please appreciate that changeover time can be hectic and that if your daughter happily runs off the pitch we may not catch you to report minor incidents. Please be aware and make your child aware that you may come and discuss any injury with the head coach. For injuries that require urgent medical attention we will call the player’s parent/guardian/emergency contact person and ask them is it possible for them to bring their child to hospital. If we can not get through to the player’s designated contact or they are unavailable, a member of our staff will bring the player to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. If your contact information changes during the hockey season make sure that you keep the club informed.

Toilet Breaks: Please make sure your daughter has been to the toilet before their training session. We would like to eliminate the danger of players needing to leave the pitch during a session when cars are coming and going.

Gumshields: It is compulsory to wear a gumshield at all times during training and matches. Any child not wearing a gum shield will not be permitted to participate. Please ensure that your daughter has a well fitting gumshield and understands the importance of wearing it. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their daughter is wearing the gumshield.

Lost Property: We keep any lost property we find in our equipment room. If you have lost anything please ask one of the coaches and they will show you what we have. Please label all your kit with your child’s name.

Drivers: Please be very careful and drive at slow speeds when on the school grounds. Players will be coming and going so it is crucial you stay highly vigilant at all times. Please make sure you only park in designated car parking spaces. The Mount Anville School premises has a one way entrance/exit system – there is an entrance gate and a separate exit gate. As always health and safety is a huge priority of the club so it is crucial that members adhere to this.

Parents Spectating: We would ask parents to respect and remain off the pitches at all times. Viewing areas are provided at the side of the pitches and we would ask you to watch training/matches from there.

Adverse Weather/Rain: We will proceed with all sessions unless they are deemed unsafe. In this case we will bring players inside to our indoor hall where your child will be fully supervised until the session finishes. If for any reason a session is cancelled (which is unlikely) you will receive a text. These decisions will be left with our Head Coach.

Membership Termination: The club reserves the right to terminate a player’s membership at any given time, without warning or notification.